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Join us for unlimited access to 500+ lessons with award-winning writing craft techniques developed by authors published in The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Paris Review, McSweeney’s and more. At The Eckleburg Workshops, you will access online creative writing workshops in a variety of formats — one on one workshops, group workshops, and also work at your own pace workshops — all with expert guidance as you write, revise, edit and submit your creative works to editors and publishing houses. 



Choose your faculty editor and register for your specific word count. Receive individualized and written notes on your manuscripts from award-winning authors and university creative writing faculty from The Johns Hopkins University, Iowa Writers, Columbia University, Arizona University, Yale, New School, Berkley, Maryland University, American University and more. Our faculty is ready to mentor you while focusing on your individual voice using developmental notes, line edits and end notes.



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Unlimited access to all online creative writing courses and 500+ lessons in fiction, poetry, nonfiction, screenwriting, agent queries and more. Join us for a free 10 day trial with full access to all courses and lessons.



“Responsive, enthusiastic and very, very well-organized. I have participated in many online workshops, including those organized by other lit mags as well as during my low residency MFA… I’m ready to enroll again. —Lori White, Writer




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About Our Online Creative Writing Workshops

The Eckleburg Workshops offer online fiction, poetry, nonfiction, novel, screenwriting and other workshops. Additionally, we are a diverse community and give priority to individual voices in innovative, traditional and mixed aesthetics. Most noteworthy, we offer an augmentation to MA, MFA and PhD programs. Subsequently, our students compose both MFA graduates and self-taught writers. Our diverse writers inform each other, bringing global awareness and a depth of aesthetic breadth.

Our Diverse Creative Writing Population

We value dedication to bettering craft with a focus on storytelling at whatever point the writer is, formerly trained or not. We quickly identify areas of strengths and needs and help writers value and grow their own crafts. We do have many returning students. Most of all, we want to support our writers in the way they want to be supported, not giving them a sales pitch. Some of our writers find that one or two courses gives them the jolt they need, while others return month after month for the community and continual craft support.

The Eckleburg Scholarship

The Eckleburg Scholarship began in 2015. This award is open to outstanding student scholars currently enrolled within a university graduate writing program and are in pursuit of artistic aesthetic innovation in both the U.S. and international communities.

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Whatever your writing focuses and needs, we are here to work with you. We promise to help you find and value your authentic voice. If you have questions, please contact us. We look forward to working with you.


Online Creative Writing Workshops

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