Doona 2018 Car Sear Stroller in Black
When you’ve got a crying baby - or a sleeping one - the last thing you want to do is fuss around with their car seat or stroller. In fact, wouldn’t it be amazing if their car seat became a stroller, with the click of a button? This was the thought-process of Yoav Mazar, founder of the Doona - the world’s first infant car seat that transforms to a stroller in seconds, no additional parts required. Doona is tested and certified as an infant car seat, stroller, reclined cradle and hand-held carrier in both the US and Europe. All materials used by Doona are carefully tested and approved under the strictest European standards. Not only are the materials used free of any hazardous chemicals, they are also tested for their durability and quality to assure the safe and continuous use of the products.
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Donna Liki Trike S5 in Racing Green
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Liki S3 Tricycle Mode Grey Hound V2 AW19
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