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Join Us for a Creative Writing Workshop

The Eckleburg Workshops are online creative writing workshops founded in 2013 by Rae Bryant as an affordable and accessible educational arm of The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review. All group workshops run for four weeks. Our mission is to support and give priority to individual voices in innovative, traditional or mix of aesthetics. We offer monthly four week workshops in fiction, nonfiction, poetry and intermedia. We also offer long term One on One Workshops for writers who are looking to fine tune books. In 2015, Rae Bryant began The Eckleburg Scholarship program in which money is awarded to outstanding student scholars in pursuit of artistic aesthetic innovation.

We offer an alternative and augmentation to the long and costly experience of the MA, MFA and PhD programs. Some of our students have never attended writing programs and several have attended and graduated from MA, MFA and PhD programs. Our students are all English-speaking and are from diverse areas of the world: D.C., New York, Baltimore, California, Florida, Washington, Texas, Italy, India, Canada, Australia, England and more. Prior training makes no matter to us. In our online writing workshops, we are interested in dedication to bettering craft with a focus on storytelling at whatever point the writer is, formerly trained or not. We quickly identify areas of strengths and needs and help writers to value and grow their own crafts. We do have many returning students; however, our intention is to support our writers in the way they want to be supported, not giving them a sales pitch. Some of our writers find that one or two courses gives them a jolt they need, while others return month after month for the community and continual craft support.