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About The Eckleburg Workshops

Online Creative Writing WorkshopsThe Eckleburg Workshops are online writing workshops in fiction, poetry, nonfiction and more founded in 2013 by Rae Bryant as an affordable and accessible educational arm of The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review. All group workshops run for four weeks. Our mission is to support and give priority to individual voices in innovative, traditional or mix of aesthetics. We offer monthly four week workshops in fiction, nonfiction, poetry and intermedia. We also offer long term One on One Workshops for writers who are looking to fine tune books. In 2015, Rae Bryant began The Eckleburg Scholarship program in which money is awarded to outstanding student scholars in pursuit of artistic aesthetic innovation.

We offer an alternative venue and augmentation to the long and costly experience of the MA, MFA and PhD programs. Some of our students have never attended writing programs and several have attended and graduated from MA, MFA and PhD programs. Our students are all English-speaking and are from diverse areas of the world: D.C., New York, Baltimore, California, FloridaWashingtonTexas, Italy, India, Canada, Australia, England and more. Prior training makes no matter to us. In our online writing workshops, we are interested in dedication to bettering craft with a focus on storytelling at whatever point the writer is, formerly trained or not. We quickly identify areas of strengths and needs and help writers to value and grow their own crafts. We do have many returning students; however, our intention is to support our writers in the way they want to be supported, not giving them a sales pitch. Some of our writers find that one or two courses gives them a jolt they need, while others return month after month for the community and continual craft support.

Our focus is not to “fix” or “doctor” our students’ manuscripts, though, we do give individualized feedback and edits on submitted manuscripts in our online writing workshops. We are interested in supporting our writers so they become the leaders of their own manuscripts and overall crafts. If you are looking for a “book doctor” or “editing service” this is not the workshop venue for you. We are interested in writers who are serious about bettering their crafts. We bring a great deal of publishing and education experience at an excellent price point to serve individual crafts and organic voices.

Our instructors are all published in and have formal coursework completed in their course focuses. They come to you with craft and educational training, and they promise to put their expertise to work in support of your narrative strengths, while helping you identify areas of narrative need. Instructors have attended and graduated with creative writing and teaching degrees from Johns Hopkins, Brown, Harvard, Columbia, New School, New York UniversitySan Diego State UniversityLoyola University Chicago and University of Oregon. They live in Washington D.C., New York, Chicago, Ankara and Denver. They have taught at Johns Hopkins, Iowa’s International Writing Program, FloridaWashingtonTexas, New York University, Bennington, University of Illinois at Chicago and more. Several of them are award-winning and with books out. They have been interviewed and published in The Paris Review,  The New Yorker, The Missouri Review, McSweeney’s, Diagram, The Rumpus, The Nervous Breakdown, The New York Times, Salon, and more. What they all share is an eye for innovative storytelling with solid narrative structure as well as a focus on personal voice. Learn more about our individual instructors.

Come join us at The Eckleburg Workshops where your individual voice is our priority. You can read more on our FAQs page. We invite you to view our full and current Catalog of online writing workshops.



Courses are four weeks long and begin the first Sunday (or Monday) of the month. You will have all week to complete your lessons per Sunday deadline and will not need to login at particular times during the week, but rather, when it is convenient to your schedule. You will have access to class, peer and instructor interaction throughout the week, as part of our comment and forum sections. Group and One on One Workshops are faculty led and include individualized faculty feedback on written submissions. Free workshops are self-directed and do not include individualized faculty feedback, but do include free, workshop, student forum access. Our faculty are all published writers in their teaching concentrations and have formal educational training and experience.

It is our intention to offer a progressive and individualized experience. We encourage writers to take courses in multiple forms and genres as this is an excellent path toward developing craft and voice. It does make sense to take the workshops in succession, such as Short Story I then Short Story II; however, we do offer an a la carte format so writers can choose for themselves what approach works best. If you have any questions regarding workshops, please contact us. Welcome to The Eckleburg Workshops. We are happy to have you with us and look forward to reading your words.